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POWERHOUSE Bathroom and Tile Cleaner


Eco Cln Powerhouse Eco-Friendly Bathroom and Tile Cleaner

Unlocking the Power of Nature: Eco Cln Powerhouse harnesses the natural strength of safe ingredients to combat stubborn bathroom stains, soils, odors, and dirt. Unlike conventional cleaners, our solution leaves no toxic residues, ensuring your bathroom is not just clean but also pet-friendly and safe for your family.

The Bathroom’s Silent Battle: In the constant struggle against bathroom dampness and grime, Powerhouse emerges as your trusted ally. It’s designed to maintain the sparkle of bathroom tile floors and surfaces, safeguarding them from discoloration and stains.

Bubble Up Technology™ – A Breakthrough: Powerhouse revolutionizes bathroom tile cleaning by employing the power of oxygen with our proprietary Bubble Up Technology™. The result? Immediate and potent cleaning action without the need for harsh chemicals or masking agents.

  • Eliminates soils, stains, and odors effortlessly.
  • Pioneering odor destruction – no masking agents.
  • Ready to use, biodegradable, non-toxic.
  • No alcohols, no chlorine bleach, no irritating fumes.
  • Safe for people, pets, plants, and all bathroom surfaces.

Applications: Eco Cln Powerhouse isn’t confined to bathroom tiles; it extends its cleaning magic to countertops, floors, carpets, walls, showers, porcelain, and more. Say goodbye to stains, urine, vomit, feces, blood, soap scum, mildew, musty smells, dirt, grass, and sweat. Our super-effective formula safeguards surfaces from discoloration.

Directions: Simply spray Powerhouse on the area to be cleaned, let the oxygen work its magic for a few minutes, and wipe away the residues with ease. For tougher stains, multiple applications may be needed.

Breathe easy knowing that Eco Cln Powerhouse is non-toxic and safe for your family. In case of accidents, follow our simple first aid guidelines:

  • Inhalation: Move to fresh air.
  • Skin: Wash thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Eyes: Rinse with water for 15 minutes.
  • Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting; Drink water or milk; Seek medical attention if needed.

Choose Eco Cln Powerhouse Bathroom and Tile Cleaner for a cleaner, safer home, and a greener planet. Embrace the power of nature in your cleaning routine today.


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