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Cleaning Carpet Stains Using Oxygen Technology

Oxygen technology uses oxygen powered cleaning products to bubble up and penetrate the stain, completely removing it from your carpet. When you use an oxygen concentrate product, the dirt oxidizes and breaks down to remove stains and odors. Not only are stains and odors removed from the surface, but deep down in the carpet as well, guaranteeing the stain won’t magically reappear a few days later.

Removing Pet Odors

Pet accidents penetrate deep into the carpet. We think we clean thoroughly, but we only clean the surface. In another day or two the unsightly stain works its way back to the top of the carpet. This is called wicking, and it’s very frustrating, for with the stain comes the odor.

Cleaning Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered furniture gives any room a soft, comfortable feel. There’s something about an upholstered couch or comfy chair that makes it easy to relax, but sometimes we get so comfortable we get careless. We end up spilling food and drinks and staining the upholstery. Accidents with pets and young kids happen as well. While these accidents are sometimes unavoidable, the results can be devastating, especially if you wait too long to act.

Cleaning Cat Accidents

Anyone who owns a cat knows these furry creatures are loyal and loving. Because they’re self sufficient, they’re the perfect pet for the family who likes to get away for a week-long or weekend trip. However, self-sufficiency doesn’t keep a carpet clean. If not handled promptly, pet stains and smells can permeate your home.