Stain Removal

Bubble Up Technology™ Stain Remover

It’s Just Better to use Bubble Up Technology™ to remove stains in all areas of your home. Bubble Up Technology™ allows you to use fewer and safer chemicals to remove stains and clean your home resulting in a healthier home environment. Use the Eco-Cln family of products to permanently eliminate stains around your home and stop coughing, sneezing and choking with traditional stain removal products.

The Eco-Cln family of products contains no solvents or enzymes to remove stains. The science of Bubble Up Technology™ finds the stain-causing agent and attacks the stain to chemically change the staining agent. The stain is then permanently removed by the balanced blend of biodegradable and non-irritating detergents. This process releases no hazardous pollutants into the air and leaves no residue on the surface. This means It’s Just Better to use the Eco-Cln family of products for a cleaner and healthier home.

The Eco-Cln family of products works in all areas of your home. Bubble Up Technology™ uses oxygen to remove stains off any surface that is water-safe. All the products in the Eco-Cln family of products are non-toxic and biodegradable. You can use these products to remove stains on nearly every surface in your home.

Carpet, Upholstery, Clothes, Floors, Sealed Wood, Walls, Concrete, Brick, Grout, Paint, Tile, Metal, Countertops, Linoleum, Vinyl.

It’s Just Better to use Bubble Up Technology™ because of its unique ability to remove all kinds of stains. All stain removal products use solvents, enzymes or a combination of the two to remove stains. Both solvents and enzymes have problems.Solvents can only remove stains that are chemically similar (remember ‘like dissolves like’). This means that if your stain does not like the solvent it will not be removed. Many people are also sensitive to solvents (especially through inhalation). As the chemical solvents evaporate, they are inhaled by your family agitating allergies and causing potential respiratory problems. (Have you ever started coughing or sneezing while cleaning your home?)

Enzymes have a similar problem in that each enzyme is specifically designed for a specific type of stain. Enzymes are very sensitive to the environment so if the surface you are cleaning is too cold or too hot or has residual chemical or is a deeply penetrated stain, enzymes will be unable to remove the stain. Enzymes have a limited shelf life as they are living microorganisms and degrade quickly over time. Enzyme products also require extended cleaning times requiring you to wait for the product to dry before knowing if the product worked. This also means that dried residue is left behind requiring a second clean up.

Bubble Up Technology™ outperforms solvent and enzyme cleaners to permanently remove all kinds of stains including:

Ink, Juice, Tomato sauce, Coffee, Blood, Dirt, Grass, Cigarrette, Crayon, Lipstick, Urine, Mold & Mildew, Chocolate, Oils, Wine, Tea, And many more…!

It’s Just Better to permanently remove stains with the Eco-Clnfamily of products utilizing Bubble Up Technology™ to leave a cleaner and healthier home environment.

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